Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Friday, May 21

Today was liquid awesome. :)
Weather, work, friends, kids, and play.
A day worth it's status as a friday.

~ skinny jeans, red vans, black tee and a pale green shirt... for work.
~ blue shorts, black nikes, orange under-armout... for work out.
~ plaid shorts, purple lakai manchester select's, graphic tee... for play. :)
~ an excellent friday!
~ at work early... 'nuf to see the co-works at their weekly friday breakfast ritual
~ little knowledge transfer sessions with team members...
~ the gym... ab day for the co-works... I did cardio, lower body and some abs.
~ good afternoon... 'cept we ran into a pretty significant work-related-issue and monday is going to be all about fixing it.
~ go to skate park after work...
~ home to big ham dinner (giant ham that had been in my freezer forever... I found it chewy and not so good, but everyone else was fine. :)
~ that somebody had helped sassy_red_head
~ that a certain fit girl I know to have two happy little racers tomorrow....
~ and that the rain holds off!!!

Another reason why I'll miss this client...
This is Julie... my little client-boss. :)
We're out front of the Thai restaurant yesterday.
And she is very tiny... :D

This woman is a pleasure to work for.

Finish work...
pack up and head to car...
Grab shorts, a tee and little socks from the trunk...
Change in the drivers seat. :)
and then the skatepark, for a little "before dinner bowl". :)

So yeah... long weekend starts up...
And I aim to make it a great weekend. :)
There will be skateboards, groceries, play time, movie time, bbq's, little kids, friends and family...
Seriously... how does it get better?

~ see you soon.

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