Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Thursday, May 20

They changed up the weather reports (big surprise*) and called for rain... so, of course, it was gorgeous all day long. :)

I'm only just coming to grips with the idea that this is a long weekend. :)
No school... er... no work on Monday.
Now it's all up to the weather gods.

~ skinnies... red shirt... blue shirt...
~ working on a "how to" kit for my clients ... my last objective...
~ get taken to lunch by my client boss. We had Thai food... and she has been a very good boss. :) I took her pic but forgot to ask permission to post it... so that'll wait. :)
~ no gym... :( but there's always tomorrow. :)
~ home to collect family and drive Ed to karate... go look at mazdas at the autopark... go get Ed after karate... and go to dinner. !!
~ home again... weeding... ping pong... kids homework... Kids 'el be in bed soon and the night will be defined by lazily watching tv. :D
~ I understood the results of my tractor tests... I got a meter and measured heat (volts) from the battery to the starter engine... power all the way along. Yet the starter engine does nothing. No ugly sound, no ticking, clicking, coughing... nothing. I hesitate to conclude that the starter engine is shot... 'cuz that means replacing it... $$ and... I get the feeling I'll be taking a lot of stuff apart in order to do this. gah. stupid engines.

* surprise - always bugs me the way there's an "r" a "p" and another "r" in a row. It just seems wrong.

So I worked in restaurants for years and years... but always in the kitchen.
So I can claim no experience with the process of being a waiter...
Aside from the customer point of view.
... I remember a time when your "server" took your order and brought your food.
For doing this well ... you tipped.
Now... for some reason... they seem to have seperated the "order taking" from the "order fulfillment" sides of the process.
One server... takes the order ... but is never involved (it seems) in bringing food.
So when you're starting to wonder if the food will ever arrive... and your watching your waiter blabbing away to some waitress...
You can't even get frustrated with him because... presto... brand new person shows up with the food...

Taylor Swift is playing at Scotiabank Place ... right now.
We drove through the throngs on our karate run tonight.
Pretty much an endless sea of young girls in either skirts or shorts... with cowboy boots. Endless...

We got to the restaurant (Jack Astors) in time for the crowd-going-to-Swift to be leaving, so we got a table quick.
The hockey game started while we were there... it was 2-0 Habs when we left.

Dr. Oz is reviewing soiled womens underware ... fresh from the store.
Dr. Oz is just freaking disgusting these days.
Seriously ...
Like Oprah... he gets taped and played in the evening...
I do my best to ignore him.
Because he is evil...
... and really kind of sick.

k... see you soon.

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