Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Wednesday, May 19

See... I think to myself... hmm...
I'll make a slapping motion that blurrs...
it'll look like I'm slapping something
and then I can write out some crypically
crude play on words to go with...
Now I look at it and all I see is a big goofy grin and me waving.
~ smile and wave... I'm a freak'en penguin. :)

Totally gorgeous day, btw... really great. Sunny and warm. :D

There are high points and low ones
Times that you can feel... chipping away at you.
And others that are simply bursting with your own private sense of awesome.
When your heart is three times it's normal size... when you feel ... everything...
Those are the times that you understand love the very best.

~ so yeah... I went for light and dark purple with dark trousers...
~ nope... no argyle. I really need argyle sox. :)
~ finished this round of edits at work... moving on to final objective #2
~ gym time was good... very co-worker-esque. :)
~ desperately tired today (btw)... :(
~ laundry night :)
~ oh and we watched this week's LOST.
~ seriously... I wish I could convince the new overlords (actually it's an outpost of the new galactic overlord's interplanetary holdings.)
so, yeah... I wish I could convince them to just give me money and let me buy my own laptop.
I would really freaking like to go through the next few years actually using a fantastic laptop - FOR A CHANGE - ... I mean... I use it all freaking day long, day in, day out. sigh.

Seriously... some anti-g20 type terrorist organization fire-bombed a bank in downtown Ottawa last night.
Then they posted video about it...
Somehow this makes it to item four on the six o'clock news... behind exploding afghanies and the Thai government shooting thier citizens.
Priorities people... priorities.

Last year, when the kids decided they wanted to watch LOST
and I downloaded the entire multi season anthology... (sigh)
I ended up watching the entire series over again, with them...
and I gotta say... the continuity managers on that show must
have been the busiest people on the whole flipp'en production crew.

Good moms know they're good mothers.
Great moms don't recognize the difference.
But that's because they're busy being great.


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