Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Tuesday, May 18

~ my dark argyle sweater. :)

You know it wanted to be sunny and beautiful today...
But really... it stayed very cloudy, but warm. :)

~ skinnies and the dark argyle.
~ pretty much head down and document editing all day long...
~ except for the part when I went to the gym... lower body today... This upper v. lower stuff is really working for me.
~ suck-up hazelnut latte for my client boss... she gets such a high out of getting a big ol'hazelnut latte.
~ cut a bunch of lillacs on the way back from the gym and filled my office with seriously good aroma theropy... (which I put in an absent-today-co-works office when I left :D)
~ then left early to go downtown to the galactic core and have my exit interview. I so seriously enjoyed explaining myself... for the record. I was polite. She took a lot of notes.
~ burgers for dinner... lots of ping-pong... an after-dinner walk with suz... weeding... and after more ping-pong... it's NOW and it's relaxing time. :)
~ that the_bean gets to feeling better... soon.

John Travolta's dogs, Propeller and Glider, die tragically when some airline worker takes 'em for a walk into a airport vehicles wheel wells.
a) I thought he owned his own airliner... what's the point of that if he flies commercial?
b) I just cannot get broken up about a deciple of L. Ron. Sorry.

~ another reason that I'm going to miss working at this client...

This is the epic weebsurfer. :)
(more retro t-shirts than you can imagine... )
"Hey John... k'mere... I wanna take your picture..." "huh?" click lol...

k... seriously?
We've had mashed potatoes every other night for the last two weeks...
Because the kids are mental for these "extra creamy, delicious" mashed potatoes.
Half a head of well cooked cauliflower mashed and smushed into every batch.
From the how to increase the vegitable consumption manual...

k... see ya soon.

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