Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Migraine update...

For my own records...
I had a constricted head ache all weekend.
Seemed worse in the morning and marginally improved with some good nutrician.
Advil helped but I was constantly aware of it for two solid days.
Monday morning dawns and I'm either "used to it" or it was gone...
Dinner hour... no problem.
By about 8:00 I start to realize somethings wrong,
and I notice that I'm avoiding "pressure"
(Like when you bend over, head down, and the "pressure builds in your head" kind of pressure...)
I'm busy ... chores and kids... so I ignore it.

** ding: This is exactly when I should have taken strong meds **

At 10:30 I check the weather report and see there's a 20% chance of rain... RAIN? CRAP.
So I go outside and cover the skateramp... this takes some time, in the dark... avoiding pressure.
I come in from that convinced that, indeed, I am about to go migraine.
I head for meds and try this new stuff... a wafer thing that dissolves on my tongue.
I feel something really soon... so Suz and I go watch a half hour tv show.
My eyes start to hurt half way through the show
and by the end, I'm laying on my back with a pillow under my neck.
:!!!! grrrrrr...
I go to bed.
Head is killing me and I'm unhappy about the new meds.
It was a 10 mg dose and the drug-info zone tells me that normal dose is 5 and I shouldn't have more than 20 per day.
At 1:30 I take two advils and rip open a package of nasal-injecting imitrix. :(
Back to bed... I think I passed out by 2:00'ish.

Woke up headache free... but busy paying the price for serious medication. Kinda numb from the brain down.

and such is the story of my night.;>
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