Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Sunday, May 16

~ see... little mr. itchy... er.. .aka, my tattoo... is doing great. :)

Saturday was great. :)
Crappy weather... wanted to rain... eventually... it did rain...
But mostly just dull.
However... nobody cares about the weather cuz' I managed to see three co-workers and each of them with their kids (Jess, Lisa, and Bianca)...
This translates into big-fun in my universe. :D

We went to bayshore to get Geo jeans... which didn't happen because we should have called to hear "nope, none, nadda, nothing" of what he wants in stock ...
But my diabolical plans worked out... because Zee got herself some new argyle at Rickies...

I've been carrying a headache since saturday morning... woke up at 4 with it... tried to nutrician it to death... didn't work.
Ended up on advil ... and today has been more "fresh air and nutrician..." but I still haven't managed to shake it. :(

~ eh... it's been work jeans and shorts... :)
~ wanted so badly to be doing the lawn... drove back to the store to return the three-poled solenoid and will have to wait for monday to find and buy a four-poled solenoid... and then will still have to have the luck of all that is holy and good in the land of the lawn gods that the reason my lawn tractor will not start... is, in fact, because of the solenoid. If it's something else... I'm pretty much out of ideas. Changed spark plug but I don't even hear the starter-motor trying to run... just the solenoid clicking...
~ Borrows john deer lawn mower from neighbor... and now? Now I have to fix my lawn tractor, SELL IT, and buy a John Deer. la la la...
~ plays on skate ramp... takes a nice fall... and is still alive ... so ... score. :D
~ mini breaded pork medalions, broiled salmon, baked potatoe and sweet carrots for dinner...
~ now? Now it's time for zee and I to go for a walk. (we'll see if I finish typing before she's ready to go... :D)
~ that the weather report calling for endless sunshine and clear skies for the next five days is... you know... right.
~ although that will mean I'll have to get the hoses out... (we still haven't saved up enough nickles to put in an "irrigation system")

Today... yard work. Everybody gets into the game.
Weed-pick'en with the cool "weeder" thing that the kids do the "shot gun" thing with... so, they dig weeding... (score!)
Grass cutting... on a borrowed Deer... (with a cup-holder!) and raking... :)



Now that we have moved the lego star-wars battle scene extraveganza off the ping-pong table...
Our house is once again quietly echoing the sounds of the little white ball.
It's hard to get lighting right for ping-pong...
Just say'en...

Sunday night tradition... in t-minus 4 minutes...
Dr. Who is calling. :)


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