Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Sunday, May 9

~ the shine of my wedding ring... :)

So yesterday was busy...
Went for early morning groceries...
This included a great reason to smile and lots of coffee.

Oh, and I went to the gym with Suz in the afternoon.
Cardio and upper body.
That makes six-gym-days last week.

Managed to be busy all freak'en day... long day.
Totally loved Saturday... even though it rained evil all day.

~ three different kinds of jeans...
~ tee... even an argyle sweater for a family thing...
~ up early ... working with each boy to sort out their mother's day stuff... Geo made her breakfast in bed and a card... Ed made a "deep card" ... :)
~ zoom off to homedepot to get 50' of Aircraft Cable (3/32)...
~ cost-co to grab a hanging plant and some chocolate... !
~ work on the "fun box"... lol... no... I don't mean that... although... no, ok... so fun-box is a skateboarding thing... (see pictures below)
~ go to suz's family mom's day afternoon.
~ home... gardening... fun box (still "no not that")...
~ family sunday night dr. who moment... (fun!!)
~ that weebsurfer's iPhone comes back to life...

So there's lots of people I work with who read my lj...
Lots of people at the Galactic Core.. that read my lj...
And ... what with almost nobody on my F-list... freinds-only posts don't make any sense.
Bottom Line: I am looking forward to spilling tomorrow...

Fun box.
It's a mini ramp for flip-tricks and generally practicing stuff... :D

~ almost finished...

Remember Tom Cruise in Tropic Thunder?
My teenage nephew (grade 12?)... shaves the top of his head, leaves side-head-hair...
Puts on dorky glasses and well buttoned up golf shirt... and pretty much morphs into that Tropic Thunder Tom Cruise.
Then goes to school.
No reason... just a gag.
OMG... I wish I could post the picture. !!
I know all this... because it's the back-story for why he has totally shaved his head now. :)

~ k... time to watch Amazing Race finale...

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