Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Thursday, May 6

There were many little moments of storm'ee'ness today.
Big wind... big temp flux...
But I kept on finding myself in sunshine. :)

We spent Tuesday night being parents with Ed... some school stuff...
And tonight on the same vein with Geo... school stuff.
"School stuff" as in issues - aka getting in trouble - vis-a-vee interactions with others. sigh.

All is well in the end... truly, because I know that we can talk to our kids and get the whole story.
For this one simple thing... I feel blessed. :)

~ dark pants... er... trousers
~ black tee and blue shirt...
~ or... in the pic? pj pants and the black tee... :)
~ gah... what a freak'en day.
~ my clients are going through some serious organizational changes ... and there are very interesting moments of associated drama. :)
~ great gym... if a bit short... but all about upper body (I have angry triceps)
~ home to turn around, taking Geo and get Ed to karate... home depot for spray paint (ramp), sobe's for cream and juice... (lol) and pick Ed up and eat at mc-death
~ totally (finally) catch up on Lost with tonight...
~ get the kids to bed and ... finally... it's now... 'ish.
~ that a couple of friends who have surprisingly opposite relationship challenges... find the path that gets them both to where they need to be!

Remember overalls?
Like... train conductor pin-striped,
Brassy clips on the bib...
Two buttons on each hip
and a button-up fly
AND a hammer loop.
With kodiak boots and a lumber-jack shirt (green and black or red and black)

I had a conversation with someone today.
We went to difficult and emotional places.
It is a remarkable thing...
When someone opens up...
You get to see them so clearly...
And appreciate them so completely.

Even on Phinias and Ferb...
When they mimic "robot dancing"...
They play a riff of Men Without Hats, Saftey Dance.
... the ultimate robot dance tune.

:) K... see ya.

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