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Monday, May 3

So a strange day indeed.
Everything from weather (started in rain, ended 23 degrees and gorgeous)
~ picked up a turtle and put him at the side of the road. He scared the bejeebers out of me...
Worked in a fog of complex choices...
... and I do believe I've reached a conclusion.
Sadly... it (the proverbial "IT") remains shrouded in mystery and inuendo until ... everything has come undone.

~ monday's best... which included sleeves. :)
~ well... a normal busy monday.
~ gym at lunch...
~ and A DEAD IPHONE in the afternoon. !!!
~ make a nice dinner and go for a nice walk...
~ then get WILDLY DEPRESSED on the phone with my provider. :(
~ I had my iPhone back...

We will drag it out of shale,
Suck it from pockets in the earth...
Squeeze it out of pockets five miles under the bottom of the sea...
And send it forth... in tubes, trucks, ships, rail-cars...
Taxing the collected global capacity to "move stuff"
We will form governments to play nurse it's dominion
And fight wars without end trying to slay that nurse.
The very fabric of society ...
And yet when one well head ... off the coast of the united states,
When one well head in our own back yard gets screwed over,
We have to invent ways to save the day? "Invent" like we never imagined dealing with this problem?
Honestly... you'd think the people in charge would have made better plans than this.

The screen on my iphone simply ... ended.
The rest of it seems to be working fine...
Sadly... no screen. :(
rogers? I get to the 'customer relations" people.
Apparently they don't have any iphones other than the ones available at full retail (SERIOUSLY WTF?)
So they're selling me a blackberry 9000 and giving me service credits for about twice the price of the 9000.
And promising to get me an iphone as soon as they have stock...
Yet the stores still have 'em on the shelf.
You might think I'd be happy about this...
But I have to wait 5 days... and in the end... I WONT HAVE AN IPHONE.
OMG... I am horribly horribly addicted to my iphone...
TV shows during cardio..
Music... pretty much all day long...
Text... all my contacts...
I seriously do not want to have to "learn a new phone" let alone a new smart phone.

Just say'en...
I love this tattoo.


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