Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

"just play!"

~ this drives me nuts. :)
Invariably, when ever anyone in this house gets together to watch a show,
It starts with one person on the sofa, ready to go, and the other... or all the others...
In the kitchen, getting a snack.
Our kitchen, family room, etc is all in one big space,
So... you can sorta see the TV from the kitchen.
The TV is on a hinge... so we usually have it twisted a bit towards the kitchen area.
But when you're busy making a snack... you're not watching tv.
And, apparently, while making a snack... people become oddly guilt ridden
They begin saying... "just play... I can see..."
"just play... "
And I'm like... no. We're either sitting over here to watch the
show, or I will be happy to wait for you.
But I'm not starting the drama, mystery, movie, whatever... while you're over there.
... for sure, I'll just spend the second five minutes of the show explaining the first five over again.
So, no... I'll not "just play" thank you very much. :)
I'll wait.
... now hurry up!!!
I want to play.
"just play!!!"

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