Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Friday, April 30

~ we slept in this morning. totally my fault.
There was much zooming. Everybody got everywhere on time and in one piece, but still... :)

eh, kind of day. lots of clouds. :(

Still... a good day. :)

~ skinny jeans...
~ head down work
~ gym...
~ oh so tired... :)
~ dinner out with friends...
~ glow in the dark, live-dj, bowling fest...
~ home... :)
~ that good care is taken of a sweet friend, who has her hands full... and is being sooo strong. :)


~ heavily re-touched iphone photo taken in a black-light lit bowling ally.
~ zee and I are in the left corner. :)
Happy birthday Pete. :)
~ despite any apparent evidence to the contrary, that guy is not a bald gorilla.


~ on a shelf... in my closet...
Every morning, when I pack my gym bag,
I grab a white hand towel from this pile.
I'm all proud of myself, on laundry night
When I have to put a stack of five towels back.

decisions, decisions...
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