Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Wednesday, April 28

~ "suz... lean back. further... a little further..."

You know... it was a nice day today. Cold... but still.

Am a bit haunted by something I regret from today. :(
not a biggy... just goofing around at work and feel bit off about it.
This too will pass. :)

~ nice trousers (dark), white shirt and ...argyle wednesday.
~ Several hits on the office argyle vibe. :)
~ more paperwork and painful levels of reading technical specs.
~ book a team into the clients summer golf tourny. Not the Galactic Core's trouny - which resoundingly blows pigs on an annual basis - but the clients tourny. So me and few co-works... :) wee.
~ upper body gym day. (all but "total ab day" start with a 20 minute cardio thing.) and let me tell ya... my little pecs (stop it!) are soooooooooo sore. :)
~ home to make salmon for dinner... bbq salmon... is kinda awesome.
~ to send lots of lj love to chiropteraclan... just 'cuz.
~ and with all of my heart... I'm wishing for Jessy and her family to get news they can handle and plan with.

Got a call from a prospective employer.
This is important. Meeting Friday.
More on this developing story... when it develops.

We are on a very serious road here in Casa de Corto,
A road that is leading us to better sleeping habits.
We've just ... got ourselves off the rails
With the way we've let the kids sleeping habits develop.
So... we've had a few family meetings and ... things are a'changen.
Sadly, it took Geo having trouble actually getting to sleep at night,
To wake us up to the complexity of the issue.
Kids are in bed by 9:30 and 9:45 (Ed and Geo) as of tonight.
Ed can read till 10 and Geo till 10:30... but that's reading, in bed.
Cross your fingers.

I've really been quite taken with my darl'en zee these days.
Seriously... this girl is looking so fine.
But it's more than that... it's a lot more.
And it's grand. :)

:(0 (<-- Tom Selleck, yelling)

k. see ya.

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