Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Monday, April 26

Hiya. :)
Seriously... amazing weather all day.
(after perfect weather all weekend...)
and what do the weather idiots call for?
SNOW... seriously! lol
the weather is s'posed to be quite the crap all week. :(

Really had a great time yesterday.
Went downtown with Geo and got new decks at "top of the world"
And then went to get things rolling on the tattoo...
The afternoon was a-wash with kids playing at the ramp... and me getting to do numerous drop-in's.
(still shooting for 100... only at about 40. 100 for decent muscle memory...)
Little 7 year old dude... is dropping-in (consistently) now... awesome.
He totally bails and lands on his little face ... sigh. Absolute trooper.
One good sized tear... and he was back trying again. :)
Yes... the parents of these guys know what is going on.
These kids come over and play... sure,
but they also stand up there and face serious fears.
Good mental struggles for them... kinda awesome, actually.
They've all tried... most failed... two have it in the bag
And the rest will get there.
So cool. :D

~ monday's uniform...
~ starting to get sorted on new project at work...
~ excellent gym'ish experience... :D
~ home in time to make chops. :)
~ starting the evening walks again.
~ that all is well in the land of Lydia...
~ for misskris to enjoy her little furry fella... (lol)
~ and to congratulate my little sugar bon bon... :D (aka: bondas!)

Not sure - at all - I get what the iranian cleric "women cause earthquakes" dude was getting at.
If you're all wtf, just google it...
But I read the whole article thing... and the guy is clearly saying:
a) promiscuously dressed women cause earthquakes, and
b) Iran gets the lion's share of earthquakes.
If Iran requires women to be covered... I'm unclear as to how a) and b) reconcile.
But whatever...
I was gone at "Iranian Cleric".

Quick health check.
hernia "cut" is still a bit of a pain in the transverse abdominus... (LOL OMG... I kill me!)
but seriously... three cuts in that muscle make it a bit of a pain in the gut to work.
So I'm working it to build it up... I seriously DO NOT want another hernia. So TVA works!
Shoulder... still weird.
If you were walking into a room and casually reached back to flick the light switch on...
you know that motion? reaching back while still moving forward.
I miss the switch... it just wont stay in control in that motion.
Still some dull aching but much less in the morning... more from working it.
I'm going to try factoring "pull ups" into the routine and see how that feels.

You know how those cool fire-work things, "roman candles" sound...
The ffffshhhhhhhhhhh sound that gets punctuated with one or more
Pfffthummmmp's... as a ball fo fireworks shoots up through the bursting sparkley "ffffshhhhhhh" stuff.
So... ffffshhhhhhhhhhhhhPffffthummmmpffffshhhhhhhhhhPffffthummmmmmp.... etc.
You got that now?
K, so I dunno what the hell I was eating on Saturday,
But on Sunday... dude... holy smack monkeys.
Like freaking cannon balls.

Ok... enough about me... :D
see ya soon. :)

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