Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Thursday, April 22

K... kinda not a nice day but I was way to busy to notice. :)
A great day, no matter how you slice it.

Diner tonight ... was awesome:
Cut up a few modest chicken breasts, flowered the bits and seared them.
Simmered them in Biryani sauce ...
... while I made a caeser salad, asperigus, gnochi (sp?) and heated up some knorr "orange soup" (not oranges, but orange veggies)
Seriously... totally delicious!!

~ k... I didn't go for the tie.
~ (wee) opted for argyle. :)
~ crazy day!
~ up and at'em and then back to bed! lol... I snagged an extra half hour today and it was heaven!
~ k... work was a morning of getting sorted and ready for the workshop!
~ gym at 11... expected to go alone then zoom to top-secret-downtown-location-for-workshop (the Marriot. :D)
~ instead, went with co-works and they were totally great with sticking to a sched...
~ zoom downtown and arrive a bit better than just-in-time and ... we gave a great show. :D
~ drove co-work home from the workshop and then headed home too. :)
~ home to take Ed to karate and grab perimeter groceries... oh and go to bucks for more awesome goodness (explained below)
~ that I can keep the bandaid thing going for a few more days... (I swear, it's like a mania...)

Ontario grade school curriculum to include sex ed. (grade 4?)
Ok... reaction? an official "no big".
Sex ed. to include discussion of sexual orientation (read: gay'ness) and ...(gasp) masterbation.
Reaction: wow. over the top.
Catholic school system refusing to include program... parent coalitions calling for a day of protest (pull your kids from school) and regular demonstrations.
I find it surprising that, with so many farms in our regional rural communities, that there could be so many horses-asses roaming the streets.
One guy... from the coalition... was radio-voice dude, saying (paraphrase) "At that age, it's all about imagination and experimentation... tell them about the gay and they are going to take it out for a spin."
OMGOMGOMG (screamed like a little girl)
So what he's saying... is that "it's ok for kids in grade five to be experimenting with hetero-sex... just none of that gay stuff."
Seriously... these people need to have their protests, protested!!

So my official starbucks car cup... (we have two) is about six months (or is it more) old... and the little rubbery grommit thing that snugs into the drinky-hole (porn) pretty much is broken off... hang'en by the proverbial thread. I had no receipt, but... it does say "starbucks" on the side... although I don't really think a reasonable quality assurance includes ... like six months.
I asked (at my fav 'bucks) and, ta da... new car cup.

Some people find the experience of jealousy to be painful.
I tend to see it as a sure sign that I'm being an idiot.
Sometimes, it just takes a bit to ... read the sign.

K... see ya. :)

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