Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Wednesday, April 21

~ the contented posture of self ...
when self feels a great sense of achievement with something.
Today "something" is totally work related (kinda sad, actually)
but never-the-less... I finished two (out of three) massive milestones today.
a conclusion to a years worth of effort to herd my clients into a new way of doing something
and that "new way" (two of them, actually) was formally adopted by the big heads in client land. :)
(the third comes in another couple of months... hopefully)

It got to 21 degrees today... btw.
Freak'en beautiful day. :)

~ well, I was "tie boy" again today... (and again tomorrow... sigh. 3 out of five... for the week...)
~ but it was jeans and tee time for after-work "reshopping" and dinner.
~ could NOT get up at 6... slept through my shower-time and got Geo into his shower for 6:30.
~ kids fed and lunches made... ready by 7:10, so I hit the showers
~ zoom to work early and review presentations...
~ make an hour long presentation to a room full of client vips
~ go... to... gym.... pushed hard today... was good.
~ free coffee...
~ spend afternoon getting ready for presentations and "workshop" going on tomorrow at some hotel in downtown ottawa. tra la la...
~ espesso... weee...
~ home to change and collect kids into car and exchange the shoes we got ed two days ago... sigh... and then go to dinner at Rocken Johnny's. (burger joint).
~ home again... basketball till dark...
~ some tv and now it's now. late and exhausted.
~ that geo soon gets over his "can't fall asleep" vibe. Lotsa school pressure these days...

Work issues are in "don't talk about it" mode until some big decisions get finalized.
he he he... seriously? I feel like huching over, rolling my eyes around and rubbing my hands together while I snicker.

Empathy is remarkably sharp and double-edged sword.
The deep cuts, however, are a small price to pay
When you can be so gently, and kindly touched.

It occurs to me that I need to do laundry...
... see ya. :)

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