Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Monday, April 19

~ the evil thumbs are back. must fix this.

Alrighty then...
... back to work... so, back to sunshine madness. :)
Really really nice day.

~ suited up for monday. :)
~ k... strange day. filled to bursting with work...
~ but... work is a lot of pulling n' pushing between differernt groups trying to figure out how much time I'm going to be giving to each group... bizarro hr budgeting. :)
~ gym at lunch... exceptional ... getting a lot more strength in the right shoulder. :D
~ really... a pretty mellow evening. Picked Ed up at karate, and went to sport-check to get Ed shoes and geo a new crash helmet.
~ that I ... can get it together with the thumb thing... yet again. sigh.
~ breaks out the box of bandaids...
~ and that day for Jay... went well. :)

I'm starting to get a little excited about the prospect of being
able to drop-in at the skate parks... kind of opens up new pathways... new fun. :)
When the little goobers were all piled on the ramp yesterday,
they were having a rightious time just rolling back and forth,
crashing into each other, etc.
Then I dropped in a couple of times ... and asked 'em "OK... who wants to try...?"
They egged one another on, dared, etc.
I broke out the big box of crash pads... they all "suited up"...
And the sweat started. :)
lol... but you know... two of them got it... two more tried, fell and vowed to try again next time.
My point is ... an odd mix of joy at sharing in their fun,
and wanting to scream ... seeing how easily they managed to get this...
(as opposed to how many insane layers of fear I had to crawl over and the
number of times I wiped out... gah!)

nothing... not one thing in the known and unknown 'verse
makes me want to laugh and shake my head more...
then when I get to feeling like someone feels threatened by me.
lol... me? seriously...?
this just so does not mesh with my sense of self.
It's just silly. It's called "mostly harmless" for a reason.
Of course, this is followed by the desire to call them names.
but I digress...

It only takes one
Before you kinow
What enough feels like.

~ k... see ya. :)

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