Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Tuesday, April 13

And a completely beautiful day, weather wise. :)
Not as cold a start as yesterdays frosty get-go.

These days... this season, mark'ed down as the spring of '0h-ten"...
... I will not soon forget these days.
In my life, it is like a blanket has been lifted away.
So many things that just ... feel... great.
Friends, the kids, and darl'en suz.
This peace... this place... is not a place I will easily be moved from.

I like what I have to do
I get to do things I want to do
And there is much love in my life.
These are good days.

~ skinny's, black tee, and a nice sweater. :)
~ excellent day! :)
~ got some paperwork handed in... (code!)
~ working on yet another big show'n'tell day... an hour long dance...
~ total ab day at the gym... worked up an ab routine with suz at home and share'en it with coworker girl... Suz 'could so be a trainer. :)
~ went to dr. frankovitch again... the "reading of the mri" etc...
~ home to play on the ramp with fam. mostly watching geo rock the ramp and everyone else playing. :) I even had suz on a deck for a bit. :D :D
~ bbq burgs for dinner and lots of basement stuff for dessert... taking pictures of things to put on kajiji.
~ that I soon grow the necessary stones to drop in on the ramp. :)

I foresee a really bad mosquito season. :(

(because he still dominates the celeb gossip fodder I consume...)
I totally don't understand what people think was wrong with Tiger Woods that was fixable at whatever money sucking spa SLASH re-hab center he went to.
Seriously... if they don't chop his nuts off or otherwise chemically castrate him... what exactly is the story?
"My name is Tiger and I am a douchebag."
(quiet clapping)"Welcome Tiger..."
gah.. I mean... he's only a db in terms of his attitude towards relationships.
Other than that... he's just some guy... some billionaire super star ... guy.
This is not a syndrome, or a disease.
This is not alcoholism.
This is rich-guy-stepping-out-on-hot-wife.
'cuz that never happens.

So MRI...
Doc says the improvement from last time I saw her to today totally equals "keep on doing what your doing"
So ... this is good.
It's all pretty good, actually.
I still have what she called a "rim rent tear" of my "supraspinatus" muscle.
There was more damage (scar tissue - the stuff Tracy aka "The Amazing Tracy (TAT)" helped me with.)
There is also typical degeneration of the "labrum". Not out of character with age and good ol'fashion living.
(shut up... I know she just called me old.)
Anyways... it's all good.
Her advice is to not start trying to really work "behind my back" or bench-press type "up" work until it stops aching from sleeping on it.
We'll see how that goes.
For now, though, it's all "stay the course" with the stuff I'm doing (Hello Vaun, el medico supremo).

k. see ya soon. :)

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