Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Sunday, April 11

So we had a great weekend. :)
Mad consumerism on Saturday morning... got to see co-works with their little kids at the wave pool. :D
(always such a treat to see folks with their kids... :D)
Groceries and all that...
Then lots of ramp time with Geo ...
I even got Ed on the thing rolling along. :)

Geo was off to a party in Constance Bay last night.
He is so honest with us... that we end having to make some hard choices about agreeing to conditional things... because you know you can't deny it outright or next time... he may not tell the truth...
ya know?
I picked him up before midnight...
to find out that the party friend's mom called the cops on her own daughters party. ?? (seriously, wtf?)
Nothing bad seems to have happened, so it's all good.

~ oh it's been all about jeans this weekend. It stayed cold ... er, cool'ish all weekend. Lots more sun than they were predicting... :)
~ hmm... going to do a bunch of editing (for work) later... I've got to keep a crazy schedule tomorrow and I need to get a head start tonight. :D
~ to send a wee smile out to galebird... just 'cuz.
~ that nutmeg finds an answer or too... soon!
~ for tomorrow ... to get sorted without surprising me. I'm scheduled to stand at the crossroads of all the work issue pathways tomorrow. I'll let you know how it goes. :)

While Geo was out... my folks came over to hang out with Ed.
This way... Suz and I could sneak out and zoom downtown.
We went to Zaphods to see co-worker-boy play drums in his band. :)
(they were great... - and it kinda looked like he carried the band. :D)
We were only able to stay till 11... (the Geo "pick up" was looming)
but the really important bit... is that we went out. !

!! :) See that's him in the back. :)

Ahhh perspective. :)

So yesterday, geo says "I don't want to break my arm before tonight... " (party last night)
"I'll try dropping in tomorrow"
Sure 'nuf, he doffed my helmet - cuz his head is getting too big for his last-summer-helmet, and drops-in three times.
(Ramp is plenty fast. sigh... so fun.)

I could never explain
How easy it is to care about you.
No really. :)

K... time to get "editing". :)

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