Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Wednesday, April 7

OMG... so much rain.
I drove through a pounding, driving downpour. !!
This reduced the roads to parkinglots while people struggled to get downtown in rush hour.
Sadly... my enjoyment of the "live close to work" fifteen minute commute has made me stupid.
I left 30 minutes to get downtown... that turned into 65 minutes pretty fast. :(

I was microphone-clipped-to-shirt presenter guy again today.
Personally, I think the red shoes gave me good mojo. :)
(I was presenting to the ITSMF usergroup a big long story about "governance")
la la la...

~ suited up again...
~ yes, pj pants now... but I was in the light purple shirt today.
~ nice dark trousers... great tie...
~ ... w/ white sox and red vans.
~ I left my good shoes at work yesterday...
~ kinda got told off by co-work for not wearing argyle. :)
~ get up early...
~ and despite my best efforts... I was still late.
~ I was s'posed to be downtown at some "Offiers Mess" hall by 7:30.
~ I got there at 8:05.
~ give a two hour presentation, sharing the stage with boss-man for the first bit...
~ go to see the sub-commander at the galactic core... and find that he is nowhere to be found.
~ back to the office... have lunch with co-worker girl... and spend the afternoon in meetings...
~ no gym... not happy about that.
~ home, dinner (pork chops on the Q with mashed and a green bean - shoe-string-carrot vegitable thing (that was awesome, btw : the beans and shoe-stringed carrots cook at the same speed...)
~ and... now it's now. things are cleaned up and I'm fixing to sit and watch Chuck or something. :) (I need some lazy time!!)
~ to send all kinds of positive energy out into the big world - all ancient monk vodoo magic like - and direct it to a sweet friends mom.. may there be a good plan for her healing.
~ to remind innerly that the corto scale gives extra points to a girl just for wearing glasses... but doubles tripples that for smoke'en hot glasses. :)

So here's the thing...
I want to understand the whole religion thing.
I even go so far as to pretend I grok people saying "Oh I don't worry about all that other stuff... I just enjoy my faith."
But I keep coming back to the notion that all that faith is based on made up stories, designed by men bent on keeping women from power and pouring pyschological opium into the major arteries of the masses.
Now we get to watch while the huddled masses and their weird hat-wearing spiritual (lol) leaders try to salvage ill won faith while convincing the money er... the faithful, that the pope is something besides another cog in the coverup machine in boy-town.

I've decided that Apple will ultimately do great with the iPad.
It may not be quite the model that they introduced...
But the bottom line is that the negative vibes about the iPad concept...
Are all coming from generations of computer users.
That is to say... "users of computers" with "computer" being the operative word.
And we all know that "in the future" (aka: movies, books and tv)...
... nobody uses computers.
Computers will become - are becoming - ubiquitous.
iPad is just a step in that direction.

To know you
Is to love you.
To love you
Is to learn
Who I am.

K... time to go. :) see ya

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