Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Sunday, April 4

So today was all about the ramp...
As was yesterday.
Two beautifully sunny days that I spent outside, with George, working on the ramp. :)
We finished today... although it's not in "working order" until I replace the icky masonite on the older quarterpipe.
And we experienced the awesome power of an engineering inspiration. :)
Turning the ramp 180 seemed an impossible dream... the thing weighs many hundreds of pounds.
But we wedged a 4x4 in between a cross beam and this heavily supported section that turned out to pretty much be the dead-center of the ramp's weight distribution.
Add a car-jack and presto... we had the ramp literally balancing two inches of the ground... all the way around.
It was all cool, like one of the groove-station draw-bridges that you can lift (via pully's and counterbalance) with one hand.
We just slowly "spun" the quarterpipe around. (we were so proud of ourselves it was silly. :D)

I went on mad consumerism explorations yesterday morning...
Hitting starbucks to start...
Loblaws, then Cost-co.
Cost-co is situated on a road that you are on to either go to cost-co or go to Home Depot.
There is no other reason to be on this road...
I mention this... because yesterday was freaking amazing...
The line-up... just to get into the Home Depot parking lot, was several blocks long.
Just... wow.
First nice weekend... and everybody gets the job jar down. :)

~ again with the shorts!!
~ finish ramp stuff... :)
~ go to units for Easter Dinner.
~ for a lot more good weather. :D

Hey... happy zombie jesus day tomorrow.
Enjoy the whole creepy resurection thing, if you swing that way.

it's nice to truly feel
that the work has been worth it.

k... see ya soon.

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