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Mornin Lj...

(ok, I look like a dork in this picture... I promise to smile next time...)
~ it's a swish swish day… (the many pocketed noisy cargos :D)
~ my fav shirt, the one with the orange stripe…
~ to figure out how to make lemonade from this whole Boston / EMC thing that's happening in the office….
~ to work on a project for CSE
~ I could find time to work on my web site…
~ that my buddy, Mateo gets a good vibe or two real soon.
~ for a sense of control and manifest destiny to overtake my precious friend Lisa… dam but Norway is far away… They hunt whales there you know.

Yawn... well the best-laid plans of.... oh never mind that metaphor. All my expectations for my evening kinda fizzeled as I passed out beside the sleeping form of a very tired Z... I finished putt'en the kiddies to bed and sat down at the computer fully intending to just check mail and then go get a fresh coffee... and let things roll along... instead I found myself in a chat with my pal Lisa, and a spunky three way with two hot K's (kym and kathleen) - Note I'm saying 'spunky' instead of drunken... to protect the innocent. Note also, I'm saying "three way" 'cause I'm having a lot of fun with the idea of having more that one person in on an IM chat session... sorry, call me naive but I didn't know you could do that...

Any ways, that totally distracted me for 30 minutes and when I looked up Z has snuck away to crash for one of her "just let me lay here for a few minutes" naps. So I snuggled up for just-as-second... HA! I woke up at 11:45 ....

So, I washed my face and looked the computer... Another K - Kristy - had snuck into the chat... So I sat down for a fun but hard to keep up with convo with three other K's (holding back all pun action related to the K's).

Lemmi tell you about them…

Kathleen is the manager of a technical support team in Cortez, Colorado. She's married to a patient and caring man and together they have Anna, and Connor (6,3). She has been an on-line friend since before Lj and all the way through it... She is an absolutely wonderful young woman and personally... I want her. :D

Kym, The Notorious K.Y.M., is a radio jock and a station honcho in Virginia. She will - on Sept. 28 - be married to Bobby, a way cool working musician and the two of them are bringing up Nicky, an adorable little boy with pictures on Kyms linked web site... Oh, and look for pics of Bobby there as well. I listen to her radio show almost every day on internet realaudio... Kym rocks my boots when she's not too busy being a fantastic friend.

Kristy, a beautiful kitten from Hollywood (Ok, she lives in Burbank - you know the central vortex of everything on television....) and works for one of the giant studios - "what's up doc?" - and is busy raising Zac on her own. Zac is 6 going on 15 as he helps mom with ... with ... everything. Kristy is easily one of the most important women in my life, and I would not hesitate to say she has made a significant and important dif in the life that Z and I share.

All three of these women are superheros to me... Yes, that means that I spend time visualizing all three in spandex super-suits with flowing capes... and it also means that I'm one of the luckiest guys in the universe to have such friends. They have all helped me so much... Oh, yea... and I want all three of them...
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