Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Wednesday, March 31

So... crazy nice day.
And ... it's s'posed to just get better as we cook into a four day weekend.
Meanwhile the UK is getting nailed with snow storms
And New England is floating away...
Life in the frozen north is looking pretty good this winter.

The christians have done a fine job of establishing statutory holidays.
This weekend we celebrate the ancient art of ritual torture and the similarly ancient art of
losing the body... then making up this story... but, never mind, I digress. :)
Those kids at the council of Nicia... they set us up for a four day weekend and I'm totally thankful.

~ jeans...
~ and for no good reason, except that ... it was likely the last chance for this season...
~ I wore my brown turtleneck.
~ go to work... be stressed out about getting the vast edits done before the end of tomorrow...
~ and yet... find myself driving to the east end of ottawa (at lunch)... and then driving way the hell out into bum fuck east-end-of-ottawa aka egypt...
~ so I can spend my afternoon choking down a pathetic excuse for a sugar-bush lunch. Sugar Bush... a place in a maple tree forest where they tap the sap, and turn it into maple syrop... to the delight of little kids everwhere... well, not everwhere, only the kids at the actual sugar bush... being delighted and all that... although at no time did I try and say there was this expectation of delight among adults...
~ never the less... this was a team building event from my client and I was even s'posed to do a team building thing...
~ all of which appears to have been an excuse for about 30% of the actual team to get together to say "bye" to one coworker - who isn't going anywhere, just changing teams - and to give me a plaque.
~ I like my plaque. I don't think they normally give contractors plaques... but they like me... so I got a plaque. Can you tell I like typing the word plaque? plaque plaque plaque...
~ not really a great use of an afternoon but I did get a p...
~ home do a steak on the new bbq and make a dinner for four out of it... :)
~ been playing quitar hero (new wii and we didn't have a save of GH to import)
~ no gym today!! :(
~ I had put my summer tires on tonight... alas... earwax.

Mz Helena Guergis is a Canadian federal MP who threw a tantrum in an airport.
Her husband is also a politician and also a huge douche..
Lovely role models.

Your kids will grow up.
They will remember the choices you make.
'nuf said.

Toyota Red Tag Sale television commercial...
This guy standing in a show room looking at the big red tags.
Disembodied voice tells us about the good stuff... like;
"80% are still on the road"
... and you gotta think, yeah, whipping along unable to stop.


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