Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Tuesday, March 30

~ looks a bit like Wallace... :)

Today was a good day. :)
Mother nature is playing ball...
I have skateboards in my trunk...
Work is fine (for now... - sigh - )
... and I am experiencing very low levels of stress.

This is good.

What is really amazing ... is that it's March 30.
One more day and presto:
Everything turns to focus on spring and summer.

~ a jeans day.
~ managing to do this "untuck" thing and not feel like a slob... so either it's work'en for me... or I'm lowering my internal standards.
~ I am a document hoe this week. Either pouring over a "track changes" terror of a document that's going back and forth with another team or having meetings about pouring over this document... (it's actually three documents... gah!)
~ gym at lunch... all by myself... coworks are either to busy or being chopped up in operating rooms...
~ somehow, doing walking-lunges makes a one bit of glut, on the left, to get very very angry.
~ so, I stop doing lunges. grrr.
~ made... wait for it... turkey balls for dinner. everyone is sick of me saying turkey-balls now.
~ for Jessy to be little miss quick recover'er... :)
~ that April leaves me alone and does not punish me for changing out of my snows... because as sure as cupcakes, +20 on Friday is going to get my summer tires on my car.

another grande and another dopio long after work...
and still... not a freak'en cent.
freaky man.

You have to own your stress
Before you can make it behave.
And that takes more than lip service.
Managing your stress is like weight loss...
In that it takes a lifestyle change to have a lasting impact.

I have a lab order to do one of those "fast over night" blood tests...
Getting my numbers again.

I believe the admiral is calling
and maybe even a little guitar hero...

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