Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Sunday, March 28

Yesterday... was a really nice day. :)
Saturday started with my internal clocks letting me sleep in till 9
and waking me up completely at ... well, 9. :)
This lead to early hits at the grocery store(s)
and an afternoon spent going back and forth between a
big clean up day with the vacuum and mops and putting together a bbq.
I love my new bbq. :D

Geo was at Billy Tallent on Friday night...
then out to the movies on Sat.
So there was much driving. :)

Mostly though... I've been doing my best to give zee a break.
(ignore the pun).

~ k, so the first big of "wearing" substance in forever...
~ I've been wearing the skinnies more - even work 'em to work.
~ I put on the straights today and they were a) very heavy b) totally felt like big denim sacks over my legs.
~ I long for summer shorts season... but for now, I've been seduced by the skinnies.
~ today was b-z-ee!
~ up early (7:00) to get Ed to his "belt testing" for 8:30...
~ day of the big clean-up... bathrooms and upstairs floors...
~ trip to future shop to wii whine... which worked... wonderfully. (lol)
~ see a man about a horse...
~ make a big pasta dinner... and a burger for geo (first food off the new-Q!)
~ we burned more pvr off tonight... caught up with Amazing Race... surprisingly... I remain apathetic this tv season... and did the 2hr Flashforward...
~ now it's late and I'm going to get an early-to-bed if it kills me! :)
~ to point out that I've been married since 1991... to a girl I'd been with for four years before that...
~ and I still feel lucky.

~ Ed literally harassed us ... with requests to get involved
in another martial arts program. We all did TKD to Geens...
At his insistence, we signed him up... worrying that he
would bail when it got inconvenient.
I stand corrected.
Today was belt day. He earned his first advancement. :)
That is the face of a boy who feels a sense of accomplishment.

My Saturday afternoon project...
(this was the bbq I bought from wally-land in the fall... for 99$)
~ mwaa ah ah ah...

I like the way great people are... awesome'er when they're around their kids.
The reverse is true...
But I avoid that.
I like to be around great people. :)

~ k... see ya.

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