Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Friday, March 26

my blue glasses.
I have a pen that matches... lol.
These are dollar-store specs... I lose, break or scratch 'em all up so fast.

It's a beautiful day... but frick'en cold!! -20 in the wind... brrrrr.

Geo is off to see Billy Talent tonight...
And I have to say... I'm a bit intrepid about him being at the concert.
I'm on "pick up" duty... while his buddy's folks were (are) on drop-off.
Fingers crossed that all goes well. :)

~ skinnies... (and I washed 'em last night... so they're a bit snug)
~ black tee... nice sweater. :)
~ a friday... lots of work, but none of it too crazy... so i can finish the day without being exhausted. :)
~ gym at lunch... extra peeps today. was good. ;) I totally rocked my work out... got everything done and ... feel awesome! :)
~ just typing at work (on a break!!) to see if I can get this out the door before I call it a day. :)
~ no dinner plans but I may make some chicken. :D
~ I had millions... so I could bail on all this work stuff and just pursue my dreams. And by "dreams", I think I mean, to write, publish and travel. :)
~ to point out that my darl'en zee... is really quite a remarkable young woman. I am staring at my good fortune a lot these days...

Dear Pope:
Man up there Mr. Big Hat.
You covered up the case of a child abusing priest at least once and probably several times.
And if it wasn't you specifically... it was while you were in charge of the process, so ... seeing as you are supposed to represent god-on-earth, I'm guessing you should be exhibiting a few basic leadership skills.
Taking responsibility for that happens on your watch... is part of being a leader.
So yeah... man up.

I am sooo going to watch two episodes of Caprica in the middle of the night tonight... :)

So it's still s'posed to suck weather wise soon.
But I'm seriously jonesing to get the skate bag back in the trunk.
We'll be snapping the half pipe together soon - after seeing how the quarter pipe managed over the winter. :D
d'ya know... I got a tax credit this year for building this ramp? It's called the home-renovation-tax-credit.
I get to claim (dollar for dollar) any costs in household improvement projects...
And dude... adding a half pipe to your yard is wicked serious "improvement". :D :D
bwahahaha... :D

:) K... time to jet.

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