Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Thursday, March 25

I know there was sunshine... I needed my sunglasses at lunch...
But the day ended in clouds... and tonight? It's going down to minus 15
and it'll be -20 in the wind tomorrow.
That's burr...
March is just about ready to lay it on...

Do you know... I have not watched one second of the "Survivor Hero's v. Villans" thing.
The first Survivor season since it started that I will have missed.
I've even let the last three episods of Amazing Race lanquish on my PVR. Unwatched... unloved.
Life... has just been way to freaking busy! :)
Heck, we're three weeks behind on Big Bang... and that's say'en something. :)

~ skinny jeans, blue enjoy tee, blue shirt over that...
~ red shoes. :)
~ paperwork! Getting a lot of stuff cleared up before the end of March.
~ gym ... great work out... I've changed a few things... I can do more with my arm and shoulder and suz has got me into doing "lunges" with weights in my hands... dude, this kills your inner thigh. gah!
~ I go with co-worker-girl (fit_girl_jessy) to the gym every day (she plays the roll of Wheels, aka: Goggles-Pizanne - does the driving) and co-work guy (weebsurfer) when he can...
~ the coffee from 'bucks after the gym... is a significant glory in the unfolding of my day. :)
~ get back to work... eat my lunch as I start up on clearing reports and ... ring ring...
~ zoooooom away from work, to get home asap., pack up suzanne and take her the carleton place hospital emerg.
~ don't panic... sigh.
~ her injury from the boogie board on the ships "Flow Rider" ... has been getting worse. She called today in a bit of a state... she had sneezed... it hurt enough to get on the phone to me.
~ the doc took pictures right away and we only waited about an hour... (if we had gone to a hospital in the city, that would have been six hours... ) Suz has a broken rib...
~ home in time take Geo with Zee and get back to the school for Parent Teacher Interviews. Joy.
~ brought home pizza and we've been doing homework ever since dinner ended. again... Joy!
~ that I get to keep on feeding this gym habit.
~ to point out that tomorrow is Friday.
~ Tomorrow is already a friday!! Where did this week go? full on monday to friday week and ... it feels like it happened in a blink.

How is it that otherwise intellegent people are so quick to abandone common sense
and let Ann Coulter be her own worst enema!!
Stop playing into her hands already.
There is no one... no one...
That does not think she is a total WC (wretched cunt)
So why give her all this attention?

Liquid Nestlies Quick is no where near as good as powdered Quick.
There's something about those little semi hard bits that burst into powder as you drain the glass...

I got a call for a follow up with Dr. Frankovitch (sports med. Doctor)
I get news on April 13.
I also got a call from the Sleep Clinic.
I sleep in the QCH Sleep Clinic on June 14.

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