Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

August 7
Wow... I just blew a weeks worth of Journal updates off my hand-held. Drag.

Newsy updates: Napster still exists, Jenni (of JenniCam) did not implode - although I think she's moving again. Survivor and BB have managed to hold my attention (understatement).
Life updates: I've been on holidays (two weeks). We pawned our kids off to my units for three days and two nights!! That was sweet. I mean I love 'em to death but two whole nights in a row pretending to be kiddless was glorious.

We went to a restaurant in downtown Ottawa (Fresco's) to use up some gift certifs I got for doing some geek work for a friend. Really nice - I recommend something I think was called 'Diovolli'. We toured around downtown and ended up home and happy. Great meal, wonderful surroundings (Ottawa is an amazing city) and beautiful company - yup, I can sort of remember life before kids.
We took the kids to a cottage last week (just got home!). Nice place but the 80 foot fall to your death between the cottage and the lake kinda grates on yer nerves - ok, so there's a path but still! (kids are 2 & 4)

I programmed the upstairs vcr to tape farscape on Wed and the family room vcr to tape 8-9 everynight (BB and Survivor on Wed) and tape 9-10 on Wed (BB banishment hour)- upstairs vcr randomly powers off and that blew farscape, and the "one time" program (9-10) overwrites the 'every night' (8-9) program so that blew all the 8-9 tapes... bottom line, we only taped the banishment episode of BB. Big harry drag re: miss'en the farscape episode.

The site is great - better than bbblows for sure. They have a great little widget that lets you watch 7 cams (incl the chicken and control room) plus 4 broadband cams that actually scale 'ok' to full screen. and there is a four cams in one cam that rocks... they all do the 'stay on top' deal.

I have sooo many projects that are being ignored ... its driven me crazy. I gotta stop all this parenting and get back to hobbies... just kidding.

anyways, I'm back to work tomarow - I actually like that. work is a gas! sick 'eh!

ps. who invented the thong underware deal?
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