Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Wednesday, March 10

~ and so it starts.
We have what I like to call "Cruise Luggage".
There is a great many clothes involved with a cruise.

Again... I find myself reveling in the wonder of friendships.
A true friend always seems to find a way to add to your life... rather that taking something away.
I feel so fortunate to have that in my life. :)

Oh, and today was, once again, wildly beautiful outside.
And... of course, I believe it's going to be rainy in Ft Lauderdale tomorrow and Friday.
Burn... but in the end... I do not care. :D
Nothing can stop me trying to find something great about every moment of this vacation.

~ eh... sleep tee and jeans.
~ I'm pretty much packing all my nice tees... 'cept what I'm wearing tomorrow.
~ the only problem with lots-of-gym... is burning throiugh ftl's like there's no tomorrow. And laundry on the ship... er... yeah.
~ ok... enough about that. :)
~ nice day at work... lots of well wishing for the trip. :D
~ did a show-and-tell wit a director at 8:30 in the morning... la la la... it went well... I think. :D It was a rehersal of the show I'm giving... the day I get back... gah.
~ gym at lunch...

It's nice to have so much family living nearby...
Someone will be able to come over and take care of little Purrrrrrrcy. :)

Tonight we pack.
Well... Suz has been packing for two weeks.
Tonight... I pack. :)
Tomorrow... we leave at 8:30 in the morning
and come home again a week from Sunday.
There will be much eating and carrying on during the days between. :)

I'll see you on the flip.
If I get wifi access... I'll try and post some pics. :D

Be nice and smile lots.
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