Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Tuesday, March 9

Holy crap man...
It's g-g-g-g-g-gorgeous outside.
Warm... eh. like +9 and sunny. :)

My new shoulder specialist went through a bunch of tests,
Looked at all kinds of pictures of my shoulder...
and then ordered an MRI.
Eight weeks.

At least I got her to comit to some clear advice about what muscles I can work and how hard.
I am well pleased to hear that the things I'm doing at the gym are not going to make anything worse. :)

~ jeans... tee... sweater. :)
~ so lazy up... still had to do the morning thing with the boys,
~ but I didn't hit the road till 8:45. 9:30 at the hospital and out by 10:30 with 2 cd's of xrays and ultrasounds.
~ went to work... sorted email...
~ went to gym... sorted brain...
~ back to work... eat lunch while working with my shadow about the coming weeks...
~ off to Frank. Heir Doktor Frankovitch... :D She is wonderful. Another tiny woman doing sports physical therapy. :D
~ come home!! (Oh, stopped at post office too... sending in another health insurance claim... via snail mail... sigh)
~ got to get dinner sorted and take Ed to Karate. :)
~ hoping to finally watch AR tonight.
~ I had a netbook... just a wee stupid one... for trips. :) As it is... I will be bringing my wood panelled, leaded gas guzzling HP Jornada 820 clam shell Windows CE device and typing in my vacation records with good ol'Pocket Word.

I got a letter from the prez of Starbucks "Americas" today (Colin Moore).
suffice to say, he got my letter. :)
and that the grand coffee adventure continues.

Calls out "Edward? It's time to get ready, honey..."
(and I listen to five solid minutes of reasons why he doesn't want to go... grrr!)
~ and they're off. :)
see ya.
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