Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Monday, March 8

We're on the "run up" to the trip...
Everything seems hinged on the planning, packing and making-ready. :)

I do major doctor stuff tomorrow.
Hospital (out of town) to get xrays and ultrasounds done in the morning.
Then to a special sports med clinic in the afternoon.
I suspect there will be gym time in the middle of that... :D
Either way... busy day tomorrow.

I dug the oscars last night... except for that scary old woman that ran up to some guys acceptance speech... going all Kanye on him...

~ monday's best... :)
~ still working on implementing a final major process before I switch to the new project at work...
~ translation: work is fun, lots to do, bosses like me, yeah. :D
~ outstanding gym at lunch...
~ getting sorted for missing a lot of work tomorrow and, of course, next week.
~ I made better choices... er...

Most of the stuff a computer person tells you when their providing... "End user support" to friends and family...
Is something they made up on the spot.

Laser Tag... :)

You have to forgive yourself.

~ k... time to go. :)
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