Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Mornin Lj.

Well this has certainly been a particularly great weekend... (in Canada we just came off a long weekend). Now it's Tuesday and it's raining and kinda chilly.

The weekend was filled with kids. I really hope we build on this good relationship we have with our neighbors... on a weekend day out guys are either at their house or vice versa. It's really a cool feeling to see the boiz putting on their shoes and hats and saying "bye... we're going over to Francisco's house..." and knowing all is well with this plan.

You cannot imagine how much Lj I saw slip past this weekend. I don't feel guilty about not having the time to read it all... but I do feel jipped... I so enjoy keeping the characters and the situations from this living novel straight in my head... Talk about your "pure Lj addict" - there I am bbq'ing ribs on sat night with 10 pages of somebody journal printed out and stapled in one hand, and bbq tongs in the other.

Oh, and last night… I popped a couple of altoids - just for the fun of it - out of the bedside table box of 'em just a Z was coming from the bathroom back into bed... she said "Hey, are you wasting MY altoids?" I laughed.... - her altoids - man I love what's happening to us... we're really acting differently. I mean, I can point to 6 or 7 events this weekend that a month ago would have generated some serious ill will and instead we dealt with them pretty nicely... and managed to work on each others orgasms instead of working on our own... I think the next thing we need to do (maybe) is talk about things like those "events" and recognize that just 'cause we're all lovey-dovy right now we can't forget that stuff still builds up under the skin and if we can get that clean or managed, maybe it won't lead to a blow up. (note: the urge to resort to a pimple related allegory or metaphor there was pretty powerful... but see! I didn't)

~ snug black f.o.l. boxers
~ nice sox... gotta say, people that wear nice shoes... should go distantly out of their way to find really great sox...
~ dark green (hunter green?) dress pants.
~ simple grey T, with a dark grey, great sweater (suede shoulders..)
~ rockports and the D&G
~ the boss is away this week and I was formally asked to step up... so It'll be a busy week fer sure.
~ to find out the details of the Boston trip asap.!!!!
~ I could make the bad vibes of yesterday in Lj land go away... yes I know I contributed to them... can't help that now, I did what I felt needed doing - for good or bad... and I'm still allowed to pray for peace.
~ that good things wash over my friend ten (lisa)... goes along, goes along, goes along...then wam! she suddenly seems to get the emotional crap kicked out of her. Makes me wish I could do something...

Ok, later skaters... I'mma gonna sleep on the rest of this bus ride... it's a terrible slow evil, rainy commute today.

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