Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Sunday, March 7

So Saturday was gorgeous... today is gorgeous... sucks to live here man.
My parents are in florida... lol. I think they have to wear gloves right now?

Well... all I can say is that it had better warm up down south by the end of this week!!!
Or I shall unleash the power of Zoltan... or something like that...
We leave in four days!

Not the best picture... but you take what you can get. :D
This is le gang from last night... a few short due to changing plans...
But a nice dinner group, regardless. :)
Of course, we morphed into children afterwards...
And went to play laser tag. There were lots of teen and twenty somethings there. :D
There was much shooting and the making of the pew pew pew sounds.
(there's a picture on someones camera that I'll get soon enough!! :D)

~ skinny jeans... :)
~ up early... still waking up from the shoulder... but don't let that fool you. It's loads better!! :D
~ took down the christmas lights (shh... I know), packed 'em away.
~ convinced Ed to have a shower... sigh. He still hasn't got in the habit. I'm such a failure... hahaha...
~ going to get quick groceries (three days of lunches, eggs and milk... Other than that... we're "eating the fridge" (aka: eating everything that could go bad while we're away)
~ that weebsurfer had made dinner... :D
~ for divine_delirium to quickly forget...
~ and for the awesome power of self... to reclaim bondas... you will rise... you are shiny and new. You are amazing.

Birthday moments...
Having boldly deleted all lj friends with birthdays today, so that I may properly focus on the BIRTHDAY QUEEN...
I shall now bask in the glory of withing debby and only debby the very happiest of birthdays.
May this year keep you far far away from the ones that make you mental... and right up snuggly close to the ones that make you strong.

You gotta love the awesome power of the mcdonalds money'ed empire.
"We shall now give away coffee ... free... because we need longer lineups and have decided to compete with... Timmy's and the 'Buck!."

If you know me,
then you know me
and that's all there is.
If you know me
but just think you do,
the jokes on you.
There is so much unsaid.
Feelings behind doors,
locked under the floors
that you walk upon.
If you know me,
then you know me
and you turn away.
It's easier...
... that way.

why has hoving my mouse over the time stopped revealing a date&time on-liner?
frick'en laptop.
Seriously... my next computer, is going to be a decent laptop. I'll turn my desktop in a JABOD in the basement.

Time to jet...
see you on the flip.

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