Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Friday, March 25

~ okay... o/s installed, cam software working... tada...

Today was... stellar. :)
So, the weather was rediculous. Like plus 6 ... a tidal wave of sun...
Saw a happy toe... (TTA)
Saw a happy hip (another TTA referal gone great!!)
Made the gym at lunch...
Free coffee (again)
Home take zee to a roadhouse to meet with some of her now "ex co-works" for a see-ya drink (drinks, me thinks...)
~ took the boys out to dinner...
Now? me and a double shot breve latte are relaxing with ... you. :)
~ although, I'll prol'y end up at the recently reinstalled comp trying to get butt loads of software re-installed...

~ total jean boy... faker friday sweater. (sweater with a pretend shirt build in... really just the line of a white tee at the collar... and... AND I had a white playstation tee on under it...
~ man I'm weird...
~ Loading up on friday... great day... (see above).
~ I was accidently handcuffed to divine_delirium... for... like a week.
~ that anfractuousity and her main squeeze get better real fast...
~ and for this fall's new the_bean to have... a blast.

So a quick google will show you that there is a littany of problems with windows 7 and LG DVD Writers.
Now... the problem was fixed at some point... but here's the thing,
If I try to install win7 from my "ultimate" cd... which I don't have a license key for... it works.
If I try to install from my Win7 Pro cd... (remember the week of the "student super deal" scam? awwwwwesome!)... the install stops on a screen asking for a missing dvd driver.
It (the error screen) offers to accept a solution from any port... (usb included).
I hacked around with this for fricken ages... (well, a couple of hours)...
The solution? I copy the win7 pro distro disk to a USB key... just "copy", no bootable stuff...
Install ... and when it fails on the DVD driver... I popped in the USB key and hit enter.



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