Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Thursday, March 4... yes, I know... march... not february...

~ :) Birthday cards on the mantel...

I forgot to point them out to fit_girl_jessy when she was here with her boys.
(and it's so nice that I can say that... it's nice to transition co-work friends into a bigger version of real.)

lol... Suz and I are going Laser Tag playing with a bunch of co-works this Saturday night.

Oh, and today was a lot more of that beautiful.
I saw kids on skateboards today. :)
~ dark trousers, light purple shirt and purple tie...
~ not bad for a thursday
~ yeah... spent most of the day making the presentation I have to give on the day I get back from vacay...
~ gym... dude... in contrast to every single moment since the end of August, I was able to do a pull-up without any shoulder pain.
~ quick dairy groceries on the way home...
~ smile at zee as she shows me the card she got on her last day at her work. (laid-off... effecive today)
~ cleaned up the kitchen...
~ made chicken/rice/mushroom-soup oven thing... (aka: easy-to-make-dinner)
~ re-silicone sealed the splash guard in the kids bath...
~ did all my laundry... dude... everything I own is clean...
~ vaccumed out my car...
~ started re-installing windows on my totally hosed computer... sigh.
~ gah!
~ put the kids to bed...
~ have a short... and necessary, conversation with the admiral....
~ that whataboutjen doesn't get too crotchety...
~ that cynnerth is staying away from the lights...
~ a random kind of wish for nerdular ... to just keep on smiling... baby-making is hard work. :)
~ and that crushdmb finds a bike on Sunday. :)

Birthday moments...
Happy birthday kea... :D May there be many happy little faces in your world... I hope you had a wonderful birthday. :)
(and a quiet little memory dedicated to dawnmarie... )

Suz's co-workers made her this card...
(the characters are from Natalie Dee (google that... then laugh for the rest of the night...) or just go here:

The theme is little "we'll miss suzanne aka: somethings"
The somethings are like, "fashionable, stylish, suzanne..." or Sporty, fit, healthy suzanne..."
But the best one?

Suz and her co-works went to the wrong place for Pho soup one day, and she had a bad time from the msg...
so... "We'll miss No Mo Pho Suzanne..."
Oh, and under each card?

~ a gift card from a thematically appropriate store... :D
She has nice co-works..

The awesome power
The complex variations
The subtle messages
The great and wonderful gestures
The healing, the comfort
The care, and the love.
Thank fucking god hugs are free...

See ya.

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