Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Wednesday, March 3

A beautiful day.
Just beautiful.

I'm feeling ... confident.
Not for any really good reason.
It's just... feeling like this is the way I need to feel right now.
So ... give'er.
And here I am.

And it was good in corto-land.

~ dark trousers.. white tee, blue shirt and gray, dark blue, etc., argyle sweater.
~ my shadow chaired the wednesday meeting today. :)
~ it was a typically busy Wednesday but I'm starting to feel like bits of one project are falling away... into good hands. It's liberating. It's even "rewarding"... to see that something I've made can actually be operated by someone else. :)
~ gym... went later than usual, so trainer-guy could see me at 1:00 (the one that is just "offering" to meet once a week and help me develop my abdominals - post surgery... and I'm happy to take his offer.)
~ working on the vacation psych up... lots to get sorted.
~ bloddy taxes. Got nowhere last night, because I spent the night cleaning trojans and other viruses out of mine and Ed's computers. sigh.
~ for a bug improvement vibe to land in willedit's life...
~ crushdmb... one word... "guilty!!". :D
~ that misskris is careful with her new toy...
~ for nerdular ... to find that there is some relief...
~ and that skyedragon66 finds... a little joy.

When ever you look at yourself ... you necessarily see the picture and all the shit you got go'en on, or had going on when the picture was taken.
And if it's not that complicated... at the very least you see the image of yourself that lives in your head, superimposed over the picture.
Bottom line... looking at yourself is complicated.
When someone likes you... and looks at a picture of you...
Even an unflattering one,
They do their own filtering.
But it's not superimposing anything over you.
It's more about seeing all the pieces,
and liking all of them...
One at a time.

I recommended a friend see TTA*, the ART RM that helped me with my shoulder.
It makes me smile so big to see her getting really good help from TTA. :)

*TTA: Tracy The Awesome [ :: montgomery massage ::]

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