Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Tuesday, March 2

~ ?

Yeah... today was made of liquid awesome.
Well, from a weather point of view... :)
Loads of sunshine, converting vitamine D like mad. :D

See that picture... look at the pointy-finger... that little stip is an elasticy bit.
There's one on the pointy-finger on both gloves.
WTF? is that?

~ yeah... jeans, black tee, nice shirt and a sweater for work...
~ jeans and the black tee for the evening. :)
~ yeah... I'm in "omg" mode at work... I leave on vacay next Thursday!!! So much to do before then... sigh.
~ gym at lunch... awesome work out... So good for my inner-me... it is quite calming. :D
~ dinner and play with the kids for the evening.
~ practicing two-man juggling with Geo... (current fad thing with Geo...)
~ load up an N64 emulator and a rom of banjo tooie (or whatever it's called) on Eds computer... and get viruses bursting out of every hole... (lots of clean up required...)
~ work on taxes some more... (didn't get very far last night... just crashed early - 11:30 (wow) and sucked up some sleep)
~ that sugar-jess... (aka fit_girl_jessy) gets better with a little rest... evil bad flu bug.
~ for lindalee_ to find all kinds of success!!! :)
~ to tell shoo that ...she's wonderful.
~ and that divine_delirium ... has fun at the wedding.

[:: Soft Soap :: ]

I take my first clue about whether or not I like someone
by how I feel when I look into their eyes.
when it's good... it's really really good.

... gotta git. :)
See ya soon.

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