Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Monday, March 1

~ oh wee... a monday. time to go fast...

+1 outside.
So ... not a cold day.
And the forecast? Is for days of glory all the rest of the week. :)

I have all this stuff going on ... issues, drama, health, work ... blah blah blah...
And all of a sudden... (next week "all of a sudden")... I will be on a plane with the suz and the boys...
Heading to Ft Lauderdale... two days there... then a week from saturday we board the oasis for a week long cruise.
My "out of office" thing in outlook at work is set up with "I'm on a cruise ship... I'm eating something... right now... no really... eating..."

I am going to use the time away... to totally decompress.

I'm a bit worried... that after the pressure lets go and I shed all this stress...
I'll find out I'm actually a crack addicted thirteen year old black girl with a laptop, in Markham, Ontario and all this has been a dream.
However that is proly not going to happen... right?
I mean... I'm not some kids crack dream.

~ Monday's best...
~ nice start to the day, with Ed not needing to be out so quick, 'cuz he had an ortho appointment :)
~ still starts with making three breakfasts and three lunches...
~ busy morning with trip to the gym to cap it off...
~ worrying about co-worker girl that has clearly come down with a flu bug...
~ talk'en to client bosses about the coming weeks and months... la la la...
~ off to see TTA after work... she was awesome, as usual. I needed a follow up, but i think I'm good to go from here out - at least 'till I hear what the sports med doc has to say...
~ home to cook up a nice dinner. I bought a jar of PC brand Rogan Josh... added a can of chic peas and chopped up cauliflower... simmer. Spoon over rice and chicken... soooo good. :)
~ clean up and now... now it's now. It's 8... and we're all in different parts of the house relaxing... Suz is in the office... prol'y reading something on-line about the cruise, Geo at computer facebooking and game-blasting, Ed's at the Wii and me? I'm in the "library" (aka my telework office) sitting at the Galactic Overlords version of a business laptop... the shockingly marginal Dell Latitude D830.
~ that I soon get to a day when I stop remembering to be careful with my shoulder. I was noticing, after the gym, that I never once thought about my gut while I was working out... This is good. :D
~ for sassy_red_head to find it...
~ that anfractuousity finds the time to keep making them...
~ and that kitiara has a lot of fun with her new toy... um... camera... geez...

Birthday moments...
A very happy birthday to a far away friend... allyn. You've been a constant part of my journal... well, actually a constant source of entertainment and wonder'ment for close to a decade. You have my sincere and best wishes for a remarkable and rewarding year ahead. Be well my friend and may there be all the Bex you can manage. :)

Last night...
Canadian hearts were glowing
You could see them from space.

It isn't enough to love me.
You have to let me know.
You have to make it real.
Love me, hate me, it's nothing
Until you make me feel.

I have to do taxes now...

:) see you soon.

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