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BB Update:
this has got to be small... I'm late for a long commute home.
That said:
BB is getting seriously concerned that Geo (the amazing-single-stroke-engine man) has some master plan going on with the Mrs. Darth Vader back in Rockford (which is in Illinois as opposed to Connecticut as I may have previously stated). He's been wearing all these colour coded arm bands, leg bands, head bands, and acting strange (like that's a big surprise). The other HGs are calling him Rambo Chicken (the headband I think). But BB has asked him a couple of times if he's got some plot going on. I am torn (hence the song title) between thinking he's a manual sewing machine and thinking he's hiding a superior intellect (or perhaps an idiot with good instructions... hummmm). There has been so much good stuff posted on the live feed transcripts about this guy that I just about die laughing ....

Bottom line: The dog is going to be fully trained but will elect to take a nap when she is supposed to do the tricks for the challenge and the HGs will LOOSE. (Note: watching George train the Dog is about as pure a form of irony as your going to get...)

It's Fry TV night: the nominations will look like this (*My best guess)
Cass 1. George 2. Josh
Jamie 1. Eddie 2. Josh
George 1. Curtis 2. Josh
Josh 1. Cass 2. George
Eddi 1. Jamie 2. Curtis
Curtis 1. Josh 2. Eddie

And then, once again we'll have this big ol tie: Josh with 4, George w/ 2, Eddie w/ 2, Curtis w/ 2

We'll see.....

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