Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Thursday, February 25

I can't help chuckling to myself when Ed acts totally shy about changing, dressing, showering, etc.
(brain fills with images of him streaking through the house... )

It's been a long and wet and snowy day here...
Tonight is all about giant fluffy snow-blobs that appear to have really wanted to be snowflakes.

~ had the nice light purple shirt and tie on...
~ ended up with no good reason for this... never-the-less...
~ :)
~ so seriously much going on at work...
~ coffee break with cyclops...
~ gym at lunch... was very good. I'm feeling the good vibe with the shoulder and I'm totally good to go with the ab... (yeah!)
~ drive Geo to a student's-giving-students awards thing at the highschool for the evening...
~ wave to suz as she heads out with co-works to see a comedy show...
~ that nerdular enjoys being forgetful tomorrow...
~ for innerly to get to go to camp rock...
~ that indigobluejelly has a glorious weekend...
~ and that fit_girl_jessy gets home safe'n'sound from the long drive...

The coach of our womens hockey team...
Appears to get fashion advice from The Penguin.
You know... the coach of the gold medal team...

I tend to let my sometimes lack-of-patience
get in the way of ... everything.
I have to work on this.

If I held you in my arms
Would you look into my eyes
Or would you look into your own
Would you feel like something old
Or would you feel you were brand new.

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