Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Wednesday, February 24

It snowed. It got warmish..
It's a white, fluffy land of slush and puddles.

oh yeah... just say'en...
Smile... somebody's thinking about you.

~ um... it's wednesday...
~ argyle... blue and blue jeans. :)
~ yeah... big wed-morn-meet dealio... two new teams are sending reps. It's 20 people now. We started with 4.
~ just goes to show ya... do something simple, do it right and don't get complicated... and you've gone and made a better mouse trap.
~ er... gym. Now, see... my arm, shoulder, was a bit pissed off at me this morning. I was all "gah!" and conroy'ed about waiting till Monday to see TTA. I'm guessing over introducing work for that arm in the gym yesterday.
~ so yeah... I go to the gym and slog through the cardio and ... repeat everything from yesterday, arm, shoulder and all. It feels seriously better since. So I will stay the course... just working gentle but steady...
~ The cruise? The cruise begins on March 13. There are rock walls. Slow and steady... !!!!
~ apres gym... starbucks, of course... order a coffee pour moi and a big honk'en tea for Zee (she works in a building across the street from starbucks, sigh...) and again, they wave off my bucks card when I try to pay.
~ beams. :D
~ um, work the afternoon away and get some quick perimeter groceries on the way home...
~ Farm Boy meat pie for dinner... tatters, cauli and broc...
~ totally tired... and now it's now. almost 8.
~ that zaxwrit has a few days of fresh water stored up, some supplies, a gun and flairs... ar ar ar... no no no ... just kidding... no panic! :D
~ for byron's Kelly... to catch a bit of break. soon... k?
~ that crushdmb had been taking cold-fx for the past few days... alas... (earwax)
~ for the_bean to get her shot...
~ and that nerdular... enjoys the quickening... :D

Birthday moments...
Happy birthday to a little lost pook... aka pookfreak. :)

D'ya ever find yourself reading the written lyrics to a song you've long enjoyed...
and be totally put off by what you now realize - stunningly, for the first time - the song is about?
I'd mention the one that I just had... but I'm pretty much embarassed.
Partly because even after reading them... I'm still not sure I understand it but I can't shake the ick factor.
It was a RHCP song...

random project officer from the clients' project management office
passes me in the hall at work on Monday. As he's passing, he looks at my shirt and tie...
"Oh yeah... it's Monday."
~ predictable much?

Suz is getting mightily keen about the big cruise.
We have luggage on the floor of our room. la la la...
She's reading peoples blogs and journals from their oasis trips (new in December '09)
She'll be an expert on the ship before we even board it.
This is very useful on family vacays... :)

k... see ya. :D

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