Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Tuesday, February 23

:) Fun with iPhone camera...

Remember ... a little while ago,
I was all... you know, sickening sweet
With that over the top good vibe beating
An endless tattoo through everything in my

Yeah, that guy's back. :)

Today was a most excellent day.
Today made me remember.
~ and so I smiled the whole-me-smile.

~ jeans. black t. blue summer collar. sweater.
~ blue is missing in the pic... I didn't put it back on after the gym. :)
~ drive careful like to work...
~ and work-wise, today was really good. Had a meeting designed to get three points of view, from six people, into a small board room, door closed, long enough to let it heat up. There was much loud talking, heads shaking, etc. And voila!! A decision. And then it was once again quiet in the land of the workers...
~ smiled at a coworker that went to see Tracy-The-Awesome (TTA). Coworker was a happy girl.
~ got a text from Zebra... "I'm in bikini village at Bayshore [giant mall]... can you come and help me." Um...
~ drove to Bayshore... lol.
~ we bought the blue one. :)
~ back to work
~ bail at 2:15 and pick up third twin-rix (hep vaccines), go to doc, get script for chest ultrasound and xrays (re the now assuradly misdiagnosed shingle thing), and have blood pressure tests - totally normal, lol... like that's ever true, and get my shot. Weee...
~ bing.
~ went to gym... after-work-gym is a very busy-gym. !! :(
~ saw trainer dude... guy I named in the letter when I wrote fan-mail to Goodlife... he is officially the most helpful unpaid trainer-dude you ever met... (he just helps me out... no appointments, no pay-for-training, and ... this is good.)
~ got some start-up stuff to work on to get my lower ab working again :)
~ took TTA's advice and started small, but started never-the-less, on my my right arm. Stuff that was absolutely impossible last week... no-problem-oooo! :D (sofaking happy!!!!)
~ home to make big pasta... garlic shrimp sizz'len with a bunch of chopped peppers (RYG) over penne and a very simple tomato sauce. (and a big salad).
~ now it's now... well, a little later. :)
~ for anfractuousity to find her self-love... so much better than the hate variety.
~ to send a smile out to barefoot_dyke... because she's earning it....
~ that the car-gods would smile upon n5iln
~ and that I can resist the cookies on that plate in the kitchen... curse you pillsbury dough man...

From the vantage point of your darkest times
You are well positioned to see the most insignificant moments of light.
Moments you would otherwise have missed.
And in those small moments of brilliance, you find...
Everything you need.

Dear Earth Godess, keeper of the sun, the moon and the ground beneath my feet:*
Comes the wind,
And with it,
The full press,
Against my face,
My chest,
My hands,
My heart,
Of remembering.
It is everything,
To matter.
Thank you...
For the wind.

*My amazing Atheist-ocity-anti-everything-remotely-contemporary-organized-religion'ness finds great comfort in making up my Godess of Earth, blah blah blah blah when it's time to get the higher powers involved, because sometimes the Giant Spaghetti Monster is just the wrong vibe.

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