Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Monday, February 22

So today was session three (3) with Tracy.
Tracy is... [ :: Montgomery Massage :: ]
She is the woman that is doing the Active Release Technique (ART) on my shoulder injury.
She is the walk'en, talk'en awesome.
We've booked for a week from tonight... tentatively.
"So if it's slipping... come back. If not... you're good. Just keep working it."
And with that... three sessions, she is saying I'm good to start trying to develop strength again.
It's still weak and sore... but not reacting-sore to life. I have a total (TOTAL) range of motion without pain.
I am in total awe.

I'm still going to go the big imaging appointment and get the battery of ultrasounds and xrays done.
And I've got a top notch sports medicine doctor who will evaluate the images and advise me...
But this is the miracle I was begging life for...
So I'm all smiles.

~ monday's uniform...
~ light coloured shirt that goes with the purple tie and beige trousers...
~ flipp'ed into my gym bag and replaced with a black tee for the physio appointment. :)
~ fucking mondays...
~ first meeting of the day had my back up and all my frustration buttons fully pushed.
~ had to hold myself back from just going to town with my words... fortunately... common sense won the day.
~ note to UNIVERSE... just because a bunch of french guys don't know what some english word means... is no reason to think it's a fake word.
~ sweet mercy...
~ gym at lunch... AND I am beyond the four weeks and can now return to what ever I want in the gym... so I'm beginning a long slow abdominal program.
~ a better afternoon... workwise...
~ physio after work... ONLY AWESOME!!!
~ homeowners association meeting for the evening...
~ and now? all about relaxing. :)
~ that the universe would cut misskris's family a little slack...
~ for either the coffee IV to help the_bean or for her magical powers to kick in ...
~ for anfractuousity's house hunting blues... to turn to reds...
~ that Mr. Laser Beam Eyes... (cyclops?) aka weebsurfer... manages to keep the healing thing going strong.
~ and most of all... that pixiecup, a strong, beautiful and resourceful young woman... finds the safe haven she needs!!

Own The Podium. (OTP)
Careful now... Podium Owners Coming Through.
What's that now?
No actual way to own the podium at this stage?
One hundred and thirty million... to get a national guilt trip.
Wicked cool.
Meanwhile, our athletes are busy being awesome, getting gold, silver, and bronze.
Go you guys!
and boo to the idiots at OTP.
ps. VANOC... you couldn't even get the big giant flaming dildos to lift out of the floor properly during the opening ceremonies.
Own the podium my spankable ass...
(And make no mistake... I totally dig the winter olympics.)

It takes a good, and valuable heart to do the right thing by family,
especially when it totally takes you out of your comfort zone and taxes you both emotionally and physically.
A good friend is doing exactly this, and I really hope she gets through it with her shoulders back. :)
You're a good girl, sugar.

Having the wonderful good fortune
To find you welcoming a warm place in my heart
Means that it will forever after ... stay warm.
That's just the way I roll. :)

K... see ya.

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