Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Sunday, February 21

Yesterday... was "up early".
typical. "Sleeping in" is - at best - 9 but 7:30 is kind of a default sleep-in.
Made coffee, grabbed my gym bag, and went to goodlife.
Had my morning shower there... and did major groceries.
Loblaws, Starbucks (!!) Pet Smart, Cost-co and home.
And went to an hour long arobics class at 1:00...
One of Suz's friends at the gym was being tested as an arobics instructor
and she needed volunteers for her "test class".
was fun.... but long. I definately prefer to get a strength training cardio vibe on a hashly set eliptical
and then spend time wandering through various strength and tone routines. :)

Oh, and dig it... Our standard Sack of cat food crunchies... is about 27$
The ginormous bag of the same stuff is about 100$. (it's a big ass bag of crunchies).
Big Ass bag had an orange tag... "Reduced for quick sale, 50% off... now only 50$.
So I bring it to the cash. New cash-girl can't get the register to let her take 50% off the 50$ price tag. (snicker).
So she asks the other cashier to help... this girl reads the tag, plays with the register and pronounces the need for the managers key.
So... girl goes and gets manager.
Manager girl reads the tag, plays with the register, puts in her key, and takes 50% off.
Bag-the-size-of-a-goat of cat crunchies... 25$.

Then I used the 75 I just saved to buy Suz a new office chair at cost-co.
This was my "put together" project for last night. :)

~ fav lazy-sunday shirt...
~ pj pants... because I'm too lazy to put on jeans. :)
~ nothing.
~ ok... maybe clean something... or play with wiring problems and the theater room...
~ but mostly... nothing.
~ oh wait... it's suz's bfl "free day"... so I'm going to bake something... I'm thinking rediculous chocolate brownies... mmmmmmm
~ oh man... yeah, I have a few quiet little wishes today.
~ but enough about me...
~ for the lovely sirenity... to wear that smile... long-time. :)
~ that elena_rivera settles on a motivation... then does, indeed, write.
~ to give fit_girl_jessy a smile for being such a good girl yesterday...
~ and to send a smile to uawildcatgrl... just 'cuz.

Birthday moments...
From yesterday, feb 20... a birthday wish to a long lost grrl... (nordicgrrl) who's "falling in love on the net" story will always be remembered.
and for today, happy birthday txdevil... I hope you're finding the fun sugar-tx.

Oh man... It is almost painful to listen to the idiotic colour-commentators blabbing away on CTV during the games.
My most recent experiences were the mens and womens 1000 speed skates and the womens super-g.
They frigging blab away incessently about moronic things and almost never actually comment about the particular action on the ice or on the hill "in the moment".
I swear, it's like we end up looking at each other, agog, trying to understand what the hell motivated idiot-talking-heads to say whatever they just said.
OR... or... when the cameras actually change away from cool action ... to show us the event audience making their collected O faces at whatever is going on... that we're not seeing... because we're watching stupid O faces... gah!
Men's ski cross is today.
Watch... it will be fun.
Except for the idiots talking... well, actually, they're fun too... if you listen, and try to imagine how they can even dress themselves.

Made most obvious by the concept of taking care of your finger nails...
Maintaining something, is way the heck easier than building it again from ... scratch. :)

~ ps. my nails... are currently perfect. yes. I said perfect.
I could carve my initials on your lower back with my smooth little claws.
k'mere... lemmi show you.

you have to make your own luck.
the luck that shows up on it's own,
is never quite as shiny.

K' See ya.

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