Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Friday, February 19


Today was decidedly awesome. :D

Had ART treatment #2 today... zoomed down to the clinic for noon.
Imagine standing straight, with your hand open, palm forward, arm straight at your side,
then raising your arm to the side...
All the way to the top.
Six o'colock to twelve o'clock.
Before her first treatment, on the 1-10 pain scale, 5, 6 and 7 levels of pain at 5, 9 and 11 o'clock.
And I could not lower my arm. I had to use my other hand to ease my arm down.
After today... I can raise it full sweep and lower it again... maybe feeling a 1 or a 2 pain.
There are several other measures of discomfort and problems here...
But in her words... "we're getting somewhere...".
Damn straight.
I asked her about, you know... how long will we need to do this?
(as I start considering the $ issues...)
Her answer?
"If I can't sort this out in four visits, you shouldn't be seeing me, and I'd have told you so before we started today."
Four? Dude... I went to that other physio ($) for three fricking months.
Tracy Montgomery rocks hard core.

~ jeans, and brown turtleneck
~ full day of "new project" workshops with the microsoft consultants and a room filled with my clients.
~ got dark news about stuff with the lords of darkness (employer... commanders at the galactic core), more on this sometime soon.
~ awesome physio at lunch...
~ went to gym after work...
~ home to make more salmon and thai chicken, smashed'taters and cauliflower for dinner.
~ now I'm enjoying a hot pack on my shoulder and a coffee. :)
~ that divine_delirium would try to control her hotness on doctor visits...
~ for militantmomma to find her way to clarity ... and maybe even a little payback.
~ to tell willedit that she makes the best kind of adult...
~ and to point out (to pasticcio) that a 65" television can crush a person, if you push it over on them.

If memory serves...
"Own the podium" costs Sport Canada (aka: The Canadian Taxpayer) over 130 million.
Yet funding to community based social services continues to be cut in cities across Canada.
ohhh sorry. I threw up in my mouth a little there...


This is my back...
That is my shoulder.
~ It is currently in love with a girl named Tracy.

From a soaring sense of hope
the desperate dive to darkened frustration
is a journy best not taken too often
lest you get too close to enough.


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