Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Thursday, February 18

k... so today was great. :)
(thank you for the many kind birthday wishes...)

I got hugs at work... (happy birthday to me)
even surprised giant-coworker-dude when he said "am I next?" to fill the silence while I got a nice hug from random coworker-girl
of course I said "yes" and grabbed him in this big ol'hug. lol.
I got a card signed by all the team peeps...
and a card made by co-worker-girl's adora-monkey little boys... this one now lives on our fireplace mantle. :D

and, of course, starbucks comped a complete order (three coffees) after the gym...
(I've paid for one coffee this week (in the drive-thru)... had a dozen comped. It's kinda wild - and I dig it :D)

Oh and it was cold, sunny, windy and gorgeous today.

~ I got dressed up today..
~ pale lav shirt and purple tie and dark trousers. :)
~ long day in the "project" workshop... one more day of it...
~ gym at lunch
~ that minarets quickly realizes her job is to... do nothing. nothing.
~ for odyssey_road to get some good news brought home from school.
~ and for voicesinherhead to turn a diagnosis into relief. :)

The greatest gift you can give yourself...
Is patience with the people that surround you,
and knowing when enough is enough.

Gah!!! no seriously... zoom over to weebsurfer's journal and wish him well...
Dude was getting LASER ZAP ZAP ZAP'ed in the eyes today. No flappy-flap, the other kind...
The kind that a) hurts and b) takes longer to heal... but c) doesn't have the flapp'edy flap - which totally totally freaks me out.
I was texting with him while he was in the chiar waiting for zap zap.
and I sooo want to get a picture of him in the big black face glasses... :)

I'm easy.
There is ... nothing
Complicated about unlocking me.

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