Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Tuesday, February 16


I had a long talk with co-worker dude today.
We were talking about sleep apnea.
I'm scheduled for a test ...
He really made the change he experienced after getting the sleep-air-thing sound wonderful.
Suz has been long convinced that I'm a candidate.
We'll see. This being canada... it'll be months before I get the test.

~ jeans, black tee, blue untuck and a sweater...
~ although... I guess it's moo* 'cuz I'm all pj pants and black tee in the pic. :)
~ started a new project at work today. Spent 80% of the day in a board room listening to microsoft consultants... sigh. kill me...
~ gym at lunch...
~ zoom to a "drive clean" emissions test center at lunch... I need a "drive clean" test pass in order to get my license plate renewed... grrrrr...
~ home to watch snowboard cross... Go Canada.
~ drove out to pick up Ed from Karate...
~ pop'ed into Sobees to buy these little cyclamen (???) plants (3) to anonymously give to the three admins that sit around me at work... (they kinda rock... so it's time to make 'em smile).
~ home to make all kinds of food... including salmon for zebra, who is in her last two BFL weeks ...
~ and lots of puttering. :)
~ for hotblue to run away with the band... er...
~ that good fortune finds shoo,
~ that pasticcio learns to make the big needles dance...
~ and to send a wee smile to ... great aunt lindalee_ :D

* moo : Joey - friends - saying something was "moo point..." just, always cracks me up.

I know several of you guys have had LASER EYE SURG.
My friend, weebsurfer, has had an assessment that leads to both types of the surgery being options.
Now he needs to decide.
If you've had it... you should pop over to his lj and leave a comment about your experience.

admit it...
Love is wonderful,
but what you crave...
Is to be cherished.

another free coffee at Starbucks today.
I just go in like any other day...
Smile, say Hi (insert barista's name)...
and they wave away my starbucks card.
la la la...

k... gotta git. :)
See ya soon.

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