Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Monday, February 15

Hey ... feeling pretty good.
I mean... you know. :)

health: shoulder really likes getting a proper set of exercises in. (seriously)
Side thing has not become a rash yet, so I'm totally doubting the shingles diag...
And - for the record - the side thing is worse... but screw it.
It's not getting me down and I'm going back to the doc...
... and I know I'm all health issue corto these days...
but this is my record... so deal.

~ typical monday...
~ the light coloured stuff and tie.
~ getting a new procedure in order,
~ rescheduling all the meetings that didn't happen today...
~ gym at lunch... say one of my SIL's, and I'm still taking it carefulll... last week of this...
~ and a good afternoon of work (there's a lot to be said for having a hot shower before the afternoon...)
~ home for a big fish dinner... trout, baked for suz, fried for geo and I, salmon for ed... shrimp for everyone... and over-vegitablized-fried rice. :)
~ happy running to innerly...
~ to congratulate annietopia...
~ for celtic_bairn's self ... to start making sense...
~ and that a well toned divine_delirium... keeps her favorite bits, just as they are.

It's all about balance for me lately,
as I think about the way of things.
I was thinking of something to tell a freind,
and I ended up focused on balance.
I started with... something light;

Love is often the result of properly balancing happiness and anger.
How to deal with an imbalance… is the really hard bit.

... and ended up really thinking about how I find balance.
One of the mental turning points came from considering that
achieving balance in life necessarily includes balance in your relationships.
The good bit there as the plural in relationships.
Some relationships... just cannot escape imbalance.
So you compensate... and try to achieve balance
across the landscape of all your relationships.

I have several ear beads, head phone things...
And yes, I know they only fit in the correct ear (in-ear type),
However there is always this moment when you're fumbling for the beads to grab just one
And I roll it in my fingers to see the little white R or L on the back, or side or stem (depending on which pair)...
And dude... I can't read 12 point text anywhere closer than 20 inches, without glasses...
~ So... 2 frick'ing point text at 10 inches ... is not even an actual effort to read.
I either see a circular white smudge or a smudge that is not really circular.
If they changed 'em to glyphs with a circle for R and a stick for L,
It'd work great for me.

K... headache been pissing me off all day.
what I really need is sweet relief from this,
and I know that a really good sleep would do the trick.
~ so early to bed, is totally going to be my story tonight. :)

K... later. :D

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