Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Sunday, February 14

~ what do you mean long neck... stop calling me Franklin...

Saturday was a day of home maintenance...
la la la...

I went to see my folks last night... have a coffee and chat.
They're gone in a week to florida for the a bit. :)
... en route I see a young guy, nicely dressed, standing the snowfall, in front of his car, at the side of the road, holding jumper cables.
lol... I stopped and yelled back to see if he wanted help. yup yup... so I turned aournd and got him going just as his gf showed up.
I hope things went better for him after that. :)
(my good deed for the day)

~ now? oh sweat shirt and pjs. :)
~ cooking! (dinner)
~ today was busy though... up early and at the britania yatch club by 8:30 playing 'cook' for a breakfast thing. (was fun. :D)
~ home to nurse a very aching shoulder...
~ off again to, in order, starbucks, loblaws, cost-co, home-depot and home. :)
~ I've got a new shower head thingy to install. :D
~ now it's now and I'm chill'en. getting ready to get all 'cook' again.
~ happy valentines day...
~ that the hearts held well and true, enjoy the day that was made for you, and to wonderful rest, all of my best, you didn't do anything to deserve this.

Enjoying the olympics.
I always enjoy stuff in the winter olympics.
And, I typically miss all the stuff I'm keen to see.
But I'm starting it all off on the right foot this time.
The womens mogul runs were awesome.

So when I got up today... opened the garage...
I was greeted with this mess in the fresh snow.
It's two sets of prints... (and there's blood everywhere, but just little "blobs")

Then the fight must have movied-off-to, or come-from down the driveway a bit...

And over in the yard.

I'm guessing cayote versus deer.
~ this is why we don't let the cat out at night. :D

because I can...
because you let me.

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