Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Friday, February 12

K... magically, I'm noticing the weather again.
And today was brilliant.
Sun was out...

~ jeans and a faker sweater for faker friday
~ :)
~ wrap up a goofy busy work week. Just... gah!
~ feel good about "ticking" so many things off the work to-do list.
~ went to the gym to do a cardio, shoulder and calf work (all taking weight restrictions into account!!)
~ laughed when (watching Burn Notice on iPhone - cardio) I realized I was looking at cagny AND lacy. lol... that was great.
~ enjoyed people enjoying cupcakes... :)
~ for my very precious misskris ... to catch a wee leprechaun... and get some wishes of her own.
~ that crossed fingers work for carorules
~ that arlyn gets to keep her smiles...
~ and for weswilson to find his center... and breath.

Birthday moments...
Happy birthday circlek. I hope all is well and that Beckham Photography makes the mark you are looking for. :)
A very happy birthday to kristiseriously May the joy that has found you... be your constant companion.
Happy birthday to a lovely new bride... (tassy) May this year of firsts bring you great happiness.
... and that simplyred... is smiling.!

Taking some good advice... I stopped by'bucks on the way home and got one
of the baristas to dish out the first names and last-name-initial of the gang that is there at lunch.
I know all of their first names but pretty much make a bad habit of mixing them up.
And now I've written a nice letter to Colin Moore.
(and somebody who knows better, tell me if he's not still the president of Starbucks Canada.)
It's fun acknowledging excellent service...
I'll mail it on Monday... actual mail... actual letter. :)

Last night, at about 10:00, Ed came to see me with a cake-mix box behind his back. :D
(up late, 'cuz today was a pd day)
So I made white cake cupcakes... and that kinda groovy super fluf whipped marshmellow-like icing.
Bit of a pain to make... all 'double boiler' and whipping things all over the place...
Note: cut upside-down cones out of each cupcake... a pit to fill with icing...
Eighteen for Ed and Geo... (I don't really like them but apparently they're yum)
And I decorated 6 of them to take to work.
Which turned out to have been a really good idea. :)
Some went home with fit_girl_jessy for her adorable little boys...
And others were snarfed down by weebsurfer, fit_girl_jessy
and her partner (he works there too and, apparently ... he can smell a cupcake from 50 meters).
Cupcakes live to be consumed.
It's like fulfilling their cup'cake destiny.
So, ... you're pretty much doing something noble
when you eat a cupcake.

K, see ya on the flip...

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