Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Wednesday, February 10

Awwwwwwwwlrighty then!

You know... no matter how cliche and silly a "russian sounding" name you make up is...
There's a good chance he's already playing in the NHL.

Today was typical and kinda harsh at the same time.
I think it was nice out...
I also think the balance of the day was tipped to the better
Thinking about how a friend can turn some lemons...
Into amazing abs.

Oh... and I have to say,
text messaging at work... is freaking phenominal,
and I mean ... in a work'ish context.
Just, locating someone, making plans, etc.
I am much the enjoyer.

~ argyle wednesday...
~ jeans, white golf, blue argyle
~ my argyle was in good company...
~ k, so it's wednesday.
~ the usual crazyness that is wednesday ensues.
~ I let a team of engineers have their way with me...
~ that is to say... I attended a team meeting knowing full well they all needed to vent.
~ pretty much a solid hour of not letting it get to me, and going for that calm piss-you-off-so-god-damned-calm approach.
~ personally, I think it helped... letting 'em have a go. :)
~ stupid busy...
~ ... and all the while... in the back of my mind... I'm leaning up against a big ol'door... holding it closed.
~ oh, and I grabbed quick "perimeter groceries" on the way home and made this score! meal. Just a cooked ham heated with a little brown sugar, roasted potato wedges, snow peas, green beens... hmmmm...
~ cleaned up ... and now it's now. Me, a short latte, an ice pack (shoulder) and monseur de la'Wifi, a-la-sofa. :)
~ there be tv in my future.
~ for divine_delirium to find that six days... was worth every minute. :)
~ stalker hug time... my little minaret... ar ar ar...
~ that ninneviane gets past the evil tooth...
~ and for carorules to have the very best house-hunters good luck.

K, grizzly as it sounds
I hope doc is right...
Because, if not, then size of the WTF
Is totally planetary.
So I'm just holding on to it having a name and a fix.
Which, eroniously sounds like I'm keen.
Beeeeeelieve me... I will totally enjoy appearing
the alarmist if it means i don't have to have this.
But that totally requires another explanation for the
nerve thing.
~ waits for rash.

And trying to get free.
The truest thing you will ever feel.
If you give it away because you need it back,
Maybe you don't have what you think you have.
But when you let it out for it's own sake... honest and true,
It serves no other purpose than freeing you.

See the hernia doc tomorrow morning.

K... see you later.

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